How to Improve SOC Efficiency with Deception Technology?

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SOC operators are under incredible strain — from talent shortages and data overload, to the sheer volume of disparate technologies they maintain. Layered on top of that is the rapidly changing business environment that constantly gives rise to new security and regulatory requirements. No matter how much budget is allocated, evolving cyberthreats seem to outpace the progress being made.

This webinar takes a fresh look at these SOC challenges and outlines new methods for handling these old problems.  Illusive Networks Director Solutions Architecture, Chad Gasaway, and guest speaker Joseph Blankenship, Principal Analyst for Forrester cover how to:

  • Overcome 5 common SOC efficiency inhibitors
  • Reduce the attack surface and improve risk-driven prioritization
  • Use a deception-based approach to create more agile, resilient threat defense

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