Defending Hybrid, Cloud-Enabled Ecosystems - Stopping Attacker Movement

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The shift to the cloud from on-premise environments sitting behind a firewall continues at rapid speed. The typical enterprise now relies on a hybrid mix of public and private clouds, coupled with traditional on-premise infrastructure. As more businesses move critical operations to cloud applications, new attack vectors are created and continue to evolve.

However, as we’ve continued adoption of hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategies, it is not enough to simply secure assets in the cloud. Organizations also need to secure pathways to and from the cloud, as well as between and within clouds. Externally-hosted services and applications don’t stand in isolation—they are connected to the corporate environment. A risk to one part of the extended ecosystem is a risk to all.

In this webcast, Gil Shulman, VP Product at Illusive Networks, details some of the potential vectors a cloud security strategy needs to address. He then goes over Illusive’s extensive capabilities in stopping attacker movement and protecting critical assets in cloud networks.

You'll learn about:

  • Full-OS Decoys in the Cloud
  • Attack Surface Management in the Cloud
  • Linking violations and privileged access to the Cloud and back
  • Deceptions inside and between Cloud networks

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