Cyber Resilience through Attacker Deception: What Contractors Need to Know to Achieve CMMC Compliance

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Recent data breaches of defense contractor information systems are a wake-up call for industry cybersecurity. The Department of Defense has responded by publishing its guidelines for Cybersecurity Maturity Model Compliance, which outline the new requirements contractors will need to meet in order to bid on projects. To defeat the Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) breaching perimeters, contractors must now bolster their cyber resiliency through deception and attack surface reduction that prevents adversaries from establishing a presence in organizational systems and accessing high-value assets. Failure to do so will prevent suppliers from competing for billions in new contracts and renewals.

The Illusive Networks distributed deception and attack surface management platform gives defense contractors the tools they need to comply with CMMC guidelines by paralyzing attacker movement, tricking adversaries into engagement with deceptive data, and ultimately forcing threat actors to reveal their unauthorized presence on a network.

In this presentation, Illusive Networks Federal Team Leader Michael Saintcross does a deep dive on the CMMC guidelines for cyber resiliency, and how implementing deception for APT protection will provide contractors with the highest level of certification – level 5.

View the webcast to learn:

• What the CMMC guidelines for cyber-resiliency and attack surface management say, as well as the NIST standards and DHS regulations they are based on

• How the Illusive Platform leverages deception to detect attacks early in their lifecycle and stop attacker movement from anywhere to anywhere

• The way unnecessary connections and credentials are left on networks during regular workdays, and how to identify and clean them so attackers can’t use them

• How actionable, on-demand forensics provide insight for rapid attack response that raises SOC efficiency, decreases attacker dwell time and catches malicious insiders

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