Cyber Deception for Banks and Financial Services

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Cybersecurity for banks and financial institutions is complex in normal times, but when you add the challenges of the new forced digital transformation, it has grown even more complicated.

Insiders are now outsiders. The attack surface has expanded. Protecting critical assets like SWIFT servers and mainframes, and limiting attacker dwell time is more challenging than ever, not to mention trying to reduce SOC fatigue from a sea of alerts.

Deception technology—which does not rely on "normal" baselines of patterns or behavior—can help. Threat detection is based on the simplest of algorithms – either the attacker interacted with a deceptive element or did not, and only those navigating the underside of the network will encounter deceptive data.

In this webinar recording, you'll learn more about:

  • The way to detect attackers early through tailored deceptions that flush out attackers snooping for SWIFT systems
  • Deception advantages in various use cases - thwarting insider attacks, supporting regulatory compliance like CBEST, and securing Mainframe systems
  • Real examples of financial institutions who have benefited from Illusive, for detecting APTs and reducing incident response times


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