6 Real Security Incidents Detected and Stopped by Deception

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Deception technology has received increasing praise and often direct recommendations by several independent security analysts, regulatory bodies, government agencies and observers. From leading analyst firm Gartner to the MITRE Corporation to law enforcement agencies, deception is riding clear momentum from industry experts. As Gartner says, deception technology offers “easy to deploy, deterministic, and effective threat detection capabilities for enterprises of all sizes,” and we couldn’t agree more.

In this on-demand webcast, we go beyond the hype with specific instances of cybersecurity success stories. VP R&D Matan Kubovsky will share and detail several examples of real cyber attacks that Illusive Networks – the leader in deception-led threat detection – detected and prevented.

Watch the webcast to learn about the details of:

  • A sophisticated APT linked to COVID-19 phishing scam against an international retail firm
  • A 22-months long money laundering campaign against a major e-commerce company
  • 2 different types of APTs detected against a national internet service provider
  • PLUS ransomware targeting a major US sports team, attacks against a financial service provider and energy firm, and more...


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