The Top Threats Targeting Pharma and Life Sciences

How Cyber Espionage, Ransomware and Insider Threats Are Impacting the Industry

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies have always been attractive targets for attack because of their valuable investments in proprietary intellectual property. However, the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically increased the value of this data for attackers of all kinds – and the threats are spiking in new and unexpected ways as adversaries try to get their hands on it.

This white paper provides an overview of the most dangerous threats currently targeting pharmaceutical and life sciences companies and lays out how these organizations can enhance their cybersecurity strategy to be more dynamic no matter how threats may evolve.

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What You Will Learn:

  • The 4 biggest threats pharma and life sciences organizations face today and how each brings additional risk to an organization
  • How the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically increased the value of these organizations' data for attackers of all kinds
  • How modern ransomware has evolved and what companies are facing today
  • What remote work means for these organizations and how cybercriminals are taking advantage of these changes by shifting their tactics
  • How Illusive helps detect and stop the most dangerous threats with Active Defense and Deception Technology