Their Changing Motives, Evolving Skills and How to Expose Them

Insider attacks have long been thought of as a crime that occurs when individual employees become disgruntled and seek revenge, but the threat has evolved. In this guide, Illusive partnered with former CIA station chief Daniel N. Hoffman and decorated Intelligence Officer from DIA, Shawnee Delaney, providing insights on how nation-state attackers and organized crime syndicates are increasingly exploiting the dependency organizations have on digital transformation and the data it generates, how the motivations behind insider threats have evolved, and strategies for detecting them without tipping them off.

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This Guide Will Cover:

  • The current insider profile and how their motivations are making insider attacks more dangerous and damaging to companies of all sizes
  • Why early detection of malicious insiders as they escalate privileges and move laterally is critical
  • How engaging the organizations that support the people, process, and technology is crucial in solving this pervasive problem
  • How to monitor for unauthorized access without tipping off potential attackers or eroding the trust of employees doing their jobs
  • Tips for expediting the investigation and evidence collection for in-progress insider attacks