Insiders can operate in relative silence and potentially inflict more damage than outsiders because they already have a degree of trusted access and direct insight into an organization’s “crown jewels.” But in many cases malicious insiders—like outside attackers—must first snoop around file systems and acquire credentials and connections to systems and applications they aren’t authorized to access. In other words, like external threat actors, they too must conduct movement throughout the enterprise, either on-premise or within the cloud.

In this paper you’ll find insights on:

  • Why detecting and deterring malicious lateral movement is an essential part of an insider threat program

  • How you can monitor for snooping and unauthorized access without eroding employee trust

  • Expediting the verification and investigation of potential cases of malicious insider activity

  • The ways organizations are effectively using deception technology to stop insider-based attacks backed up by incontrovertible evidence of wrongdoing

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With a wide range of pre-built attack tools available on the internet, ordinary users are better equipped than ever to abuse sensitive data, exfiltrate intellectual property, or disrupt services. With Illusive, organizations can protect against malicious insiders while maintaining an internal culture of trust and respect. The Illusive Platform helps companies to detect suspicious movement non-intrusively—detecting the typical moves threat actors make, and ordinary users don’t.

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