Securing the New Normal

Strengthening cyber defense in an increasingly uncertain world

As organizations transition their network access to enable working from home on a massive scale, incident response teams are dealing with extraordinary security challenges. Insider threats, challenging to detect and stop in the best of times, are increasing sharply as shutdowns, layoffs and increased workloads raise stress and reduce loyalty. Behavioral monitoring and anomaly detection solutions are firing more alerts than ever, as the meaning of “normal activity” gets redefined by our new ad-hoc work-from-home routines. Sudden, substantial hikes in VPN use, BYOD, SaaS applications and other telecommuting enablers have greatly expanded the attack surface. Everything has changed, and the threat landscape is quickly evolving to take advantage.

Download the brief below to learn how Illusive Networks can help your organization can securely function with greater confidence no matter how the current volatile situation continues to develop. With the Illusive Platform, your organization can:

  • Regain visibility and control of the enlarged attack surface
  • Detect attacker movement from anywhere to anywhere
  • Force malicious insiders into revealing themselves

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