Securing Growth During Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether it’s data center consolidation, geographic expansion, or workforce re-engineering, periods of high IT volatility generate opportunity for cyber attackers. Where there is change, there is greater risk of misconfiguration or security gaps they can exploit. During M&A activity—for both the acquirer and the target company—insider threats are an elevated concern and there is abnormally high risk of intellectual property theft or compromise of other sensitive data. In this paper, we discuss:

  • The potential impact of a successful cyberattack to company valuation during M&A
  • The need for agile cybersecurity solutions that can readily adapt to change
  • How endpoint-based deception can quickly and easily improve cyber defense posture

If your organization is undergoing or planning an initiative that involves rapid changes in your IT infrastructure, this is a quick read that will enrich your internal dialog about how to prepare for elevated risk of high-impact cyberattacks.
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