Securing Active Directory - How to Reduce Blind Spots and Paralyze Attackers

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Active Directory is used by 90% of the world’s enterprises as their primary method for authentication and authorization – it is used to connect users to systems, and different systems to each other. As a result, it is a prime target for cyberattackers to perform reconnaissance in an attempt to identify local and group admin credentials, escalate privileges, and to then move laterally across a network towards valuable targets.

To protect Active Directory and the credentials and connections it authenticates, security teams must be proactive in order to frustrate and paralyze cyberattackers. In this webinar recording, we will demonstrate ways to do so.

View the webcast to learn more about:

  • An automated, efficient way to locate, discover and eliminate unnecessary and potentially dangerous connections and credentials across the network
  • Gaining continuous visibility into cached domain admin credentials, unmonitored “shadow” admins, orphaned RDP connections, and violations of local admin policies
  • Leveraging existing computer objects and users from Active Directory to create authentic-looking deceptions to detect attackers operating on production systems
  • And more....


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