SC Labs: Recommended Deception Product Review

An In-Depth 5-Star Review of the Illusive Platform by SC Media

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The cybersecurity experts at SC Media have chosen the Illusive Platform as an SC Labs Recommended product for their August 2019 roundup and review of deception network tools. 
In their analysis, SC Labs commended Illusive's deception as "simple to rollout and incredibly effective," and noted that the platform maintains an undefeated record against red teams trying to break through it.  
Reading this across-the-board review, you will find out:
  • How the Illusive Platform stops attacker lateral movement and proactively hardens networks 
  • An overview of what makes the Illusive approach to deception so successful and efficient in rooting out attackers early in the attack life cycle
  • A summary of the information the Illusive user portal provides about potential attack vectors, incident risk scores and target-based forensics


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