A Comprehensive Solution Review by SANS Institute

Deception Matters: Slowing Down the Adversary
with Illusive Networks®

Growing awareness of Illusive Networks' Deceptions Everywhere® technology recently led SANS Fellow, Dr. Eric Cole, to test our solution. Not only did he attempt to successfully deceive an attacker, he also evaluated illusive’s scalability, manageability, and believability.

sans product review.png
The results of his (unsuccessful) efforts to attack a network and escape detection are contained in this new SANS Solution Review.

“Illusive has created a unique solution that allows deception to scale across the enterprise. Illusive’s solution will provide value to any organization looking to reduce dwell time and control overall damage from an incident” said Dr. Cole.

Download the SANS Institute Solution Review Deception Matters: Slowing Down 
the Adversary with illusive networks and learn about: 

  • The benefits of using deception
  • Illusive's agentless solution Deceptions Everywhere® 
  • How to put deception into action
  • How deception works in the real world