A Buyer’s Guide to Deception Technology

An Illusive Networks Request for Proposal Creation Guide

Illusive’s deception technology combats attackers by introducing an endless stream of false data into the environment. Attackers unknowingly encounter carefully crafted deceptions deployed across the entire network—on endpoints, servers and attack surfaces—that appear identical to what the attacker needs in order to move within a network. False data forces attackers to spend more time sifting through what’s real and what’s illusive, giving the security team data and time to make strategic decisions as early as possible after attackers have revealed themselves.

The Illusive Networks Buyer’s Guide to Deception Technology highlights critical capabilities an organization should consider when evaluating deception as a solution to detect and stop human-driven attacks.

The Illusive Networks Buyer’s Guide details functional components focused on the following areas:

  • Before the Attack: Preemption (Attack Surface Reduction)
  • During the Attack: Detection (Deceptions, Decoys, Emulations)
  • After the Attack: Response (Intelligence and Forensics)
  • General elements and considerations


To further aid in the selection of a deception platform, the Buyer’s Guide also provides a helpful line item check list of capabilities which can be used to craft a deception technology Request for Proposal or an evaluator’s criteria for a proof of concept.