Global Tech Company with Nation-State Attacker Skills Foiled by Illusive Deceptions

An Illusive Red Team Case Study

World-class attackers are no match for inescapable deceptions. 

The security team at a multinational technology company was somewhat skeptical of deception and its effectiveness ahead of a red team exercise. Nevertheless, Illusive's blue team set up the network environment for the test, defined policy, and planted their deceptions. The red team attacker, a seasoned pro with nation-state-level attack skills who had never been beaten before, went to work. 

However, despite complete control over the network, full awareness that deceptions were in place, insider knowledge of network device vulnerabilities, and helpful hints from the Illusive team, the red team was unable to compromise the network without being detected. 

In this free case study from Illusive Networks, you’ll learn:

  • Detailed information about how the global tech company carried out their red team exercise
  • A step-by-step review of incidents that Illusive Networks detected using deception technology and the real-time information our team gathered about attacker behavior
  • How organizations can use deception to identify cyber adversaries and malicious insiders with speed and certainty
  • Why Illusive Networks' deception technology succeeds in finding and stopping post-breach lateral movement while legacy detection solutions fall short

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