Illusive Defeats the Red Team and Enhances a Bank's Cybersecurity through Deception

An Illusive Red Team Case Study

Inescapable deceptions mean the Illusive flag has never been captured by a red team. 

Advanced attackers are methodical and strategic. To protect your organization, you need strategic solutions that know how to examine a network from the attacker's point of view to definitively obstruct their sophisticated threats. That’s how Illusive Networks' inescapable deceptions protected a large bank in the Middle East.

In this free case study from Illusive Networks, you’ll learn:

  • The way that Illusive capture-the-flag exercises help harden security for financial services companies
  • How deception technology stops attacks that many legacy threat detection solutions can't identify
  • The techniques that the bank's red team aggressively attempted to disrupt Illusive security measures 
  • The timeline of the red team exercise, and how Illusive won (some secret sauce ingredients excepted of course)
  • Why a deception approach to cybersecurity is the most effective form of protection for today's most dangerous threats

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