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Quantifying Identity Risk Research Panel​

An in-depth look at identity risks found in an analysis of over 1 million endpoints

New, exclusive research from Illusive covering over a million endpoints from 25 diverse organizations sheds new light on over a dozen different types of identity risks that impact 1 in 6 endpoints.

In this 45-minute webinar, Field CTO Wade Lance and Mark Jaffe, VP of Strategy and Business Development discuss the detailed statistics revealed in this study, how they impact organizations, and how attackers leverage them. They’ll also discuss identity risk blind spots that they have witnessed firsthand while working with numerous security teams in financial services, healthcare, and retail, among others.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Over a dozen different kinds of identity risks that are leveraged by attackers
  • Statistically how prevalent these risks are across many types of organizations
  • The ways in which attackers leverage these risks to achieve their objectives
  • How these identity risks come about–and how to remediate them

Featured Speakers

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Wade Lance

Field CTO, Illusive

Mark Jaffe_Illusive Heashot-3

Mark Jaffe

VP of Strategy, Illusive​