Championship Team's Front-Line Defense Stops Cyber Threats' Offense

An Illusive Customer Case Study

Deception Technology Prevents Threats From Scoring

The Challenge

The professional sports team needed to reduce its cyber security risk with:

  • The ability to continuously monitor the infrastructure for threats
  • Visibility into possible attacks

The Solution

Illusive Networks gives the IT team an attacker’s view of the network and instant visibility into important, legitimate threats.

The Results

  • Dramatically enriched monitoring capabilities while reducing personnel required to “watch the glass”
  • Enabled resources to be redeployed to other IT activities
  • Achieved painless implementation with automated deception deployment and minimal IT oversight

“The team's owner considers cybersecurity to be a top initiative, and deception technology is a game-changer. We encourage any team and the national league to use Illusive Networks.” —Director of Information Technology

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