NIST Cybersecurity Framework for Financial Services -
Active Defense Against Malicious Actors

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The continuous threat of malicious action from nation states, cyber-criminal organizations, and insider threats increasingly requires more visibility to security risks.

To simplify the increasingly complex policy compliance audit process, and more effectively implement cybersecurity controls, the Financial Services Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) provides a comprehensive mapping through the NIST SP800-53 controls by Functional Category across 17 international financial regulations.

Financial institutions of all types can use the CSF for internal and external cyber risk management assessment and as a mechanism to evidence compliance with various regulatory frameworks both within the United States and globally.

In this webcast we look at:

  • The CSF as an efficient and effective resource allocation to address cyber risks
  • An explanation of functions in the CSF - IDENTIFY, PROTECT, DETECT, RESPOND and RECOVER
  • How the Illusive platform provides a new and more effective approach to address malicious actor threat vectors proactively prior to attempts to exploit vulnerabilities, as well as advanced post-attack detection capabilities that address the most relevant risk and compliance issues articulated in the Cybersecurity Framework


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