How MITRE Shield and Illusive Active Defense Stops Advanced Ransomware Threats

Watch our on demand webinar with guest speakers Christina Fowler, Chief Cyber Intel Strategist at MITRE and Wade Lance CTO from Illusive who will cover the categories in the MITRE Shield Active Defense framework, and how using a deception approach for detecting ransomware and lateral movements early in the attack lifecycle benefits cyber security teams.

View the webinar to learn:

  • MITRE Shield - what it is, and how it can be used by cybersecurity teams
  • How deception is a critical component of many Shield categories and is at the heart of an Active Defense framework
  • Using attack surface reduction and deception to limit lateral movement and provide detection of ransomware adversaries early in the attack lifecycle

Featured Speakers


Christina Fowler

Former Chief Cyber Intel Strategist, MITRE Shield


Wade Lance

Field CTO, Illusive