Stop Advanced Ransomware Now: MITRE Shield’s Active Defense and Illusive Lateral Movement Prevention

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Special Guest Presenter, MITRE’s CHRISTINA FOWLER

MITRE Shield is a recently released knowledge base of common defense techniques and tactics that can help IT security teams take proactive steps to defend their networks and assets. MITRE Shield looks at the defender side of active defense concepts, while MITRE ATT&CK catalogs adversary behavior and is widely used throughout the cybersecurity industry.

In this on-demand webcast, with special guest speaker Christina Fowler, Chief Cyber Intel Strategist at MITRE and MITRE Shield Team Member, we look at the concept, objectives, and categories behind Shield’s framework of active defense.

Wade Lance, Field CTO at Illusive, then looks at a real-world example of applying the framework and map the prevention of Advanced Ransomware Threats (ARTs) to Shield categories. Like an APT, sophisticated ransomware attackers target and navigate to carefully selected strategic assets on the network that hold business-critical information. Wade explainds how a deception-driven lateral movement approach is effective, tangible and easily achievable for organizations large and small.

View the webcast to learn:

  • MITRE Shield - what it is, and how it can be used by cybersecurity teams
  • How deception is a critical component of many Shield categories and is at the heart of an Active Defense framework
  • Using attack surface reduction and deception to limit lateral movement and provide detection of ransomware adversaries early in the attack lifecycle

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