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Illusive and MITRE Shield
Enabling ‘Active Defense’ With Distributed Deception

MITRE Shield is a knowledge base of common defense techniques and tactics that can help experts take proactive steps to defend their networks and assets.

In this guide, Illusive overlays our deception and attack surface management capabilities to MITRE Shield along with a brief description of how the Illusive Platform helps you address a given technique.

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MITRE Shield Framework Decision Point Brief

Download this guide to learn:

  • Why MITRE says cyber deception enables better resilience when combatting cyber threats
  • How Illusive’s deception capabilities are reflected in 27 of 33 defensive techniques mapped to the MITRE Shield framework
  • How the Illusive platform helps you address the given techniques
  • How sharing the cyber intelligence derived from deception, can
    better inform defense and resilience