Illusive and MITRE Shield
Enabling ‘Active Defense’ With Distributed Deception

Decision Point Brief

MITRE Shield is a knowledge base of common defense techniques and tactics that can help experts take proactive steps to defend their networks and assets. MITRE Shield takes a similar approach to presenting active defense concepts as MITRE ATT&CK®, a framework that catalogs adversary behavior and is widely used throughout the cybersecurity industry.

According to MITRE, Shield is intended to stimulate discussion about Active Defense. “Active defense ranges from basic cyber defensive capabilities to cyber deception and adversary engagement operations. The combination of these defenses allows an organization to not only counter current attacks but also to learn more about that adversary and better prepare for new attacks in the future.”

Illusive helps defenders preempt, detect, and respond to attackers— both insiders and intruders - and our deception capabilities are reflected in 27 of the techniques listed in MITRE Shield.

Download this Decision Point Brief, in which Illusive capabilities are mapped to MITRE Shield along with a brief description of how the Illusive Platform helps you address a given technique.