Technical Validation of Illusive Platform
- Defending Against Cyberattacks Before, During, and After They Happen

A KuppingerCole Report

KuppingerCole reviews the Illusive platform in depth and how it covers security gaps

Increasingly sophisticated attacker methods, growing threat detection and response workloads, and the exponential expansion of the attack surface during the global pandemic make separating the signal from the noise more vital than ever for preserving SOC efficiency and accelerating incident investigation.

This KuppingerCole report—following an extensive and independent solution review—provides an in-depth look at how the Illusive Platform simply and efficiently preempt attacks before they occur at scale, protect against attacker movement inside the perimeter, and respond to incidents with fast data-driven decisions, regardless of where assets are located or attacks originated.

Download the report to learn more about how Illusive:

  • Reduces the attack surface and lateral movement by inspecting all existing stored credentials, connections, and applications on endpoints, and removing those potentially exploitable to an attacker.
  • Agentlessly deploys deceptive data that looks and feels authentic, then silently alerts analysts once an attacker engages with it - representing deterministic threat detection.
  • Collects detailed source and target forensics, and provides high-fidelity incident notifications with a low rate of false positives, proving SOC and IR teams with the right data and context.

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