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healthcare provider customer experience snapshot

Healthcare Provider

Credential Visibility Sheds Light on Software Flaw

The customer acknowledged that despite having PAM and many other technologies in the SOC, they could not have discovered this critical credentials vulnerability without Illusive.

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Electrical Hardware Customer Experience Snapshot

Electrical Hardware Supplier

Speeding Up Incident Response

The CISO notes that having centralized, searchable forensics at their fingertips significantly improves their effectiveness and enables them to audit and measure their productivity. “For years I’ve been searching for a product that presents forensics in a way that is tuned in to how analysts actually think and make decisions,” he said.

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US federal agency customer experience snapshot

US Federal Agency

Blue Team Beats Red Team Armed with LAN Turtle

Illusive was able to detect when deceptive credentials were accessed via LAN Turtle devices that were physically connected to a machine. LAN Turtleseasily available for purchaseare especially dangerous devices because they give attackers the ability to extract credentials from a machine even though it is locked. 

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Energy Firm Customer experience snapshot

Energy Firm

Thwarting a Dictionary Attack

Using Illusive’s Attack Detection System, a U.S. energy firm discovered a user was evidently trying to link a password to a deceptive username that Illusive had deployed. A further review revealed a full dictionary attack. The attacker used a script that tried logging in with generic usernames passwords spread out across the network, so as to not trip any alarms – but failed to evade Illusive’s early detection capabilities.View the full story



media merger customer experience snapshot

Media Merger

How to Frustrate a Red Team

“I want Illusive on every system we have by year end.” ─CISO of a US-based media company, after Illusive successfully blocked every attempt in a penetration test, which was being conducted to test the security of a newly acquired subsidiary.

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law firm customer experience snapshot

Global Law Firm

The Power of Credential Visibility

As soon as it went live, Attack Surface Manager discovered thousands of hidden credentials, including many instances of domain admin credentials where they didn’t belong—and which the security consultants had not seen. The director, wowed by the visibility Illusive could provide and knowing the importance of ongoing credential hygiene in preventing cyberattacks, moved Illusive from the chopping block to his “must-have” list.

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manufacturing customer experience snapshot

Manufacturing Company

See It, Believe It

"An employee tried to access an Illusive deceptive file share, which was designed to look like customer files. The real-time forensic screenshot captured from the user’s machine showed that he had been enumerating available shares, mapping network drives, and copying shared data to his hard drive." 

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media merger customer experience snapshot

Large Telecom Company

Early Detection Enables Cool Response

The IT team learned to trust and rely on Illusive to detect lateral movement early and to use Illusive forensic snapshots for documenting each step in an attack. With a complete story, supported by timestamps and detailed tactical data, they will be able to gain the proof needed to pursue an investigation and successfully resolve future incidents.

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