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Footprints In The Sand

How Attack Surface Manager Eliminates Identity Breadcrumbs so Attackers Cannot Live off the Land

74% of IT decision makers surveyed whose organizations have been breached in the past say it involved privileged access credential abuse. Credential and connection cashing left as breadcrumbs across endpoints in the network are being exploited by attackers, and IAM and PAM solutions alone cannot resolve your identity risk.

Learn how to prevent attackers from leveraging privileged identities that are used to launch ransomware attacks.

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  • Typical identity breadcrumbs frequently left behind that attackers leverage
  • Common methods that IT teams are using to address identity risk but are unfortunately ineffective at fixing the problem
  • Why IAM and PAM solutions by themselves fail at eliminating identity sprawl
  • How Illusive Attack Surface Manager coupled with deception technology eradicates 3 categories of risks