Free Identity Risk Assessment

Despite the deployment of PAM and MFA solutions, Illusive discovers privileged identity vulnerabilities in EVERY organization. Find out if your identities are vulnerable to commonly used attacker tools, by requesting your free assessment today.


Learn how your organization compares in managing the top risks to identities.

With just…

  1. One endpoint from IT, and
  2. Two hours of your time, you’ll get
  3. Three compelling insights into identity risk

Let Illusive illuminate your security blindspots

Illusive has developed a frictionless, SaaS-delivered process to minimize your requirements while maximizing your value with actionable insights delivered within hours.

Learn about issues such as:

  • Unmanaged local admin credentials, which are frequently used in ransomware attacks
  • Misconfigured privileged credentials, which are frequently used in APTs
  • Exposed admin accounts, which can be exploited in privilege escalation attacks

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