How Illusive Technology Supports HIPAA

A Technical Whitepaper

Illusive Technology & HIPAA Compliance

Despite long-standing HIPAA compliance requirements, healthcare-related organizations of all kinds are still attacked, and millions of healthcare records are still compromised each year. The converging trends of greater healthcare ecosystem complexity, medical device technology, and ongoing cyberattack evolution are why healthcare organizations need solutions that simplify compliance with HIPAA and safeguard their assets, initiatives, and —most importantly—their patients. Security solutions must relieve the burden on overtaxed IT and security teams, and provide the instant visibility, forensic data, and proactive tools necessary to focus defenses most effectively.

Coalfire, an expert in regulatory compliance and solution validation, conducted an independent review and assessment of Illusive’s technology. This technical whitepaper by Coalfire details how:

  • Illusive Networks’ technology helps organizations meet HIPAA requirements 
  • Deception-based security can reduce the impact of cyberattacks that compromise patients’ private data by enabling early threat detection
  • A strategy to block lateral movement toward critical systems can dramatically reduce the likelihood that high-impact cyberattacks will occur