How Illusive Technology Supports FFIEC

A Technical Whitepaper

Illusive Technology & FFIEC Compliance

Financial institutions are a frequent target of cyberattackers, whether through destructive malware, compromised credentials, or other malicious methods. Banking and financial services organizations must be prepared to deal with the increased risk of a security breach.

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) examination procedures were developed to help these institutions’ management identify their risks and determine their cybersecurity preparedness.

Coalfire, an expert in regulatory compliance and solution validation, conducted an independent review and assessment of Illusive’s technology. This technical white paper by Coalfire details how:

  • Illusive Networkstechnology helps organizations meet FFIEC compliance standards
  • Deception-based security can reduce the impact of cyberattacks that compromise sensitive customer data & financial assets, by enabling early threat detection
  • A strategy to block lateral movement toward critical systems can dramatically reduce the likelihood that high-impact cyberattacks will occur