The Essentials of Healthcare Data Security


How to Prevent Ransomware and APT Attacks

Cyber attackers are focusing more of their efforts on the healthcare industry, targeting valuable, confidential information. 

To beat an attacker you need to think like an attacker.

To prevent ransomware and advanced persistent threats (APTs), every healthcare organizations needs to understand the mindset of the attacker, know the risks to their organization and reputation, and build a strategy for pre- and post -breach penetration. In this white paper, The Essentials Of Healthcare Data Security: How To Prevent Ransomware And APT Attacks, you’ll explore a number of topics that will help you understand the threat landscape and enhance your security efforts.

  • Why healthcare data is a lucrative target
  • The implications of a breach
  • Understanding attackers’ tactics
  • Why illusive’s Deceptions Everywhere® technology is the best protection

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