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Healthcare Company Removes Vulnerabilities and Strengthens Identity Security

Illusive helps eliminate privileged credential misuse, increase visibility, and stop attacks inside the perimeter while speeding and prioritizing response

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Illusive Spotlight™ gives us many more pieces of the puzzle in a single dashboard. We significantly reduced the organization's identity risk, and now we can see exactly what's going on.

— Security Analyst

The Challenge

  • Gain visibility into risks inside perimeter defenses and reduce identity risks
  • Quickly detect an attack in process and protect critical assets
  • Demonstrate compliance with protection of patient health information

The Solution

  • Illusive Spotlight™
  • Illusive Shadow™

The Results

  • Discovered misconfigurations and unused access privileges, improperly stored credentials, and credential violations
  • Identified and eliminated high-risk pathways to critical assets
  • Developed and revised policies to ensure that proper controls were in place for all critical assets