Deception Foils Cyberattacks on Law Firms

Illusive deceptions enable the firm to effectively manage cyber risk

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Illusive stood out for its unique approach. By planting realistic deceptions that perfectly match our environment and tripling the number of hosts an attacker sees, we can quickly force him to make a wrong choice.

— Manager of IT Security Operations

The Challenge

  • Strengthen defenses inside the network to quickly detect an attack in process
  • Proactively defend all manner of confidential client information
  • Reduce false positives and speed incident response

The Solution

  • Illusive Networks Attack Detection System

The Results

  • Gained instant detection to attacker presence inside the network
  • Tripled the size of the deceptive attack surface to gain a defensive advantage
  • Accelerated incident response triage with rich forensics
  • Boosted ability to safeguard clients’ confidential information