Why Deception is Essential to Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Don't gamble with your cybersecurity.

A Stratecast ⊥ Frost & Sullivan Research Study

With the material investments enterprises have made in cybersecurity technologies over the years and operational costs likely have increased, security professionals are justified in striking a "convince me" posture when any new or improved cybersecurity technologies are recommended.  

This new research by Mike Suby, VP of Research Stratecast Frost & Sullivan, uncovers the unique benefits of illusive's deception technology solution that is deployed agentlessly and delivers rapid threat response with no IT overhead.

Download the Frost & Sullivan research Why Deception Is Essential To Your Cybersecurity Strategy and learn about: 

  • illusive's agentless solution Deceptions Everywhere® 
  • Advanced machine learning platform that preemptively identifies attack pathways and autonomously creates best-fit deceptions based on continuous real-time environment analysis
  • Zero IT footprint allowing Security Teams to focus on rapid response