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Illusive technology exposes and stops attackers who get past your defenses—without adding to the noise and resource constraints that plague security teams. In days or weeks, with very little IT coordination, the Illusive platform can be up and running, establishing attacker-oriented visibility of your network and automatically designing deceptions that are tailored to your environment. 

But even minimal deployment effort may be more than your staff has time for. Let’s face it: there is a learning curve with any new software—particularly for next-generation technologies that few people have experience with. Besides offering technical product support, Illusive and our channel partners offer solution guidance any step along the way—from basic deployment to proactive reduction of your attack surface.

Quickly achieve success and gain mastery of Illusive—the nimble technology that transforms your ability to defend your fast-moving business against high-impact cyberattacks.

FirstMove Deploy  Achieve success out of the gate

For a strong start, Illusive experts help you set up the core systems, turn up the discovery process, identify your Crown Jewels, and trigger the deployment of deceptions. We’ll teach you to navigate Attacker View and help you create a custom Attack Risk Report. We’ll work with you to plan integrations with other security operations technologies, and provide documentation and solution handover for your system administrators. To demonstrate value to your project stakeholders, your Illusive project leader will join you in conducting an internal awareness session for others within your organizations. Packages includes two licenses to Illusive’s on-line training and certification resources. Projects are fixed scope and price, based on the size of your environment.

  • Professional - Up to 5,000 seats; delivered remotely, led by a Customer Success Engineer

  • Enterprise - Between 5,000 and 50,000 seats; includes two days on site, led by a Customer Success Engineer

Note: FirstMove Co-Pilot Deployment Services (see below) support environments larger than 50,000 seats.

FirstMove Co-Pilot  Enlist continuous expertise

Executing a phased rollout, managing ongoing removal of attack risk factors, or achieving maximum value through advanced SOC integration may require staffing or threat understanding beyond your team’s capacity. The Co-Pilot service provides a Technical Account Manager who knows your environment and provides continuous help and guidance over time. Offered on an annual contract basis.

FirstMove Excel  Develop in-house Illusive experts

Illusive’s professional training services help your Illusive system administrators and incident responders become certified deception experts. By deepening their knowledge of the Illusive Platform and their ability to think like advanced attackers, they can more fully leverage Illusive to prevent high-impact cyber incidents. Training for groups or individuals is provided at a fixed hourly rate.

FirstMove Preempt  Eliminate attack vectors

With Illusive, defenders don’t just wait for an attack. They make their network impossible for attackers to navigate by removing unnecessary credentials and connections that enable lateral movement. Using Attack Surface Manager (ASM), Illusive analyzes your system-to-system attack surface, hardens and baselines the environment, and configures ASM to flag policy violations so you can perpetually improve cyber hygiene. A fixed-scope, fixed-price project, led by a Customer Success Engineer.

FirstMove Alert  Gain insight on warning signs

Illusive’s real-time host forensics, human-readable incident reports, and risk-centric attack telemetry are powerful tools to equip your defenders. With an Alert service contract, your team also has access to our forensic analysts, backed by our cyber threat researchers. Our team receives your Illusive alerts, helps you understand the severity and nature of the events, and suggests mitigation options.


Technical Product Support Packages

Technical support options provide operational help for Illusive users.


  • 9/5 support via email, web and phone
  • Customer Success Portal access
  • Pro-level Knowledge Base access
  • On-line training access


  • 24/7 support via email, web and phone
  • Customer Success Portal access
  • Expert-level Knowledge Base access
  • Assigned Customer Success Manager
  • On-line training access

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