Wire Transfer Attacks, APT and Well-Funded, Organized Attackers


How Financial Services Organizations Can Fight Back

Financial data is at risk every day. Do you have the safeguards in place to thwart sophisticated, well-funded cyber attacks?

For risk management teams at financial services organizations, preventing APTs has become a high priority, with good reason. Your money, sensitive data, reputation and trust are all at risk in the event of an attack.

To keep your company and your clients safe, you need to understand how these persistent attacks happen and what steps you should take to prevent them.

Access the whitepaper, "Wire Transfer Attacks, APT And Well-Funded, Organized Attackers: How Financial Services Organizations Can Fight Back", to learn:

  • Current trends in advanced cyberattacks targeting financial services organizations and get insight into attackers’ motivations, techniques and processes.
  • How attacker use advanced persistent threats (APTs) to launch multi-stage attacks targeting SWIFT assets.
  • How illusive networks®’ deception technology enables financial services organizations to use a proven, powerful weapon against advanced attackers.


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