Case Study | Energy Company Powers Up Cyber Defenses with Forensics-Rich Deceptions

An Illusive Customer Case Study

Illusive delivers real-time detail on attacks in motion and slashes investigation time.

The Challenge
  • Increase security risk visibility into mission-critical infrastructure and assets
  • Accelerate identification of positive alerts and incident response
  • Improve ability to gather forensic data
The Solution
  • Illusive Networks Attack Detection System
The Results
  • Received only positive alerts for immediate awareness of attack activity
  • Viewed attacker activity in real time
  • Reduced investigation time by two-thirds
  • Gained instant, detailed forensic data for supporting action with incontrovertible evidence
  • Developed a true partnership through the deployment life-cycle

"Illusive cut investigation time by two-thirds. The graphical dashboard shows us where the attacker is in relation to crown jewels. We can quickly drill down to specific details, and Illusive automatically gives us a timeline of what has happened on the endpoint. It's invaluable."

 —Information Security Manager

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