Stop Chasing Alerts. Start Chasing Attackers.

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Solutions that detect malicious behavior based on anomalous behavior are struggling as current events consistently redefine the meaning of “normal activity.” Patterns that AI-based engines have learned over the past few years are being revealed as irrelevant with the sudden, massive changes in user behavior now being recorded. SOC teams, already investigating an avalanche of false positives, are bracing for unprecedented alert fatigue as quick triage becomes more necessary than ever.

In this webcast, Illusive Networks Field CTO Wade Lance demonstrates the power of the Illusive Platform to reduce potential attack paths against your organization, lower the alert volume that SOCs have to investigate, and collect valuable on-demand forensics about attacker behavior. At a time when “ordinary behavior” has ceased to exist, Illusive Networks offers an approach to early threat detection that leaves SOCs with no doubt which alerts are the most important ones requiring response.

In this on-demand webcast, you will discover how the Illusive platform:

  • Identifies and removes the residue of errant credentials and connections left behind during daily operations to close off common attacker paths
  • Creates deceptions that authentically mimic real-world networks and data assets, forcing attackers to unknowingly engage with deceptive artifacts and instantly reveal their presence
  • Collects real-time source forensics to shift responses from hours to minutes, even when alerts are generated by another system