Save the SOC - How to Increase Investigation Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy

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SOC (security operations center) operators are under incredible strain—from talent shortages and data overload, to the sheer volume of disparate technologies they maintain. Under constant attack and barraged by piles of alerts, SOC teams must examine and prioritize meaningful alerts that warrant further investigation. Piecing together a picture of what actually happened can take months. In the event of a true attack, the attacker may already have been well entrenched in the network—or may already have exfiltrated data.

In this latest installment of Illusive’s New Normal webinar series, Illusive SOC Expert Phil Chen demonstrates how the Illusive Networks platform can increase SOC efficiency through it’s deception-based approach. With Illusive, SOC teams can kick-start the triage process and give precise focus to broader correlation, analysis and eradication efforts.

View the webcast to learn:

  • The biggest challenges facing SOC teams at this time
  • How to receive high-fidelity, easy-to-consume forensics both in real-time and on demand
  • Combining with other system alerts from SIEMs and other security technologies to provide a more comprehensive understanding and context for malicious events
  • Additional context which can be correlated into a historical timeline that helps to better understand where incidents occurred and what running processes were involved


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