Scenes from the New Normal: Cybersecurity in Uncertain Times

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Everything has changed. What about security?

As organizations manage the wholesale shift of network access to ‘work-from-home’ status ― circa 70M employees ― Information Security teams are grappling with unprecedented cyber challenges during this elevated period of vigilance. From massive increases in first time VPN users to BYOD devices accessing sensitive assets by day and Minecraft game sessions at night, a new threat landscape is emerging rife with opportunistic threat actors repurposing old ploys for new paydays.

• How are CISOs prioritizing focus during this unplanned transformation of user connectivity?

• What role can disruptive technologies like deception play in shifting the advantage to defenders?

• What simple steps can organizations leverage right now to secure these new home office environments?

While security professionals navigate these new hurdles, we invite you to view this on-demand webcast to examine the pivots cybersecurity must consider to ensure secure access for newly remote workers. More importantly, they will address how to reinvent attack detection in an era where learned user patterns fire as anomalous, and provide tips to avoid alert fatigue and system overload as SOC teams engage new attack vectors.

Our speakers:

OFER ISRAELI, Illusive Networks, Founder and CEO

KARL MATTSON, CISO of PennyMac and President of LA Cyber Lab

KEVIN FISCUS, SANS Institute, Cyber Defense Advisors