Agentless, Authentic Deception Technology At Scale - with ESG

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Even before the massive shift to working from home, 74% of cybersecurity professionals believed that the ongoing global cybersecurity skills shortage was negatively impacting their organizations. Now many incident response teams are seeing an extraordinary rise in alert volume, with some reporting a 300% surge in false positives as “normal activity” gets redefined in real time. Anomaly detection and behavioral monitoring are struggling to keep up in an era where everything is atypical.

Growing threat detection and response workloads, more sophisticated attacker methods, and the exponential expansion of the attack surface make separating the signal from the noise more vital than ever for preserving SOC efficiency and preventing the burnout of incident response resources that are already stretched thin.

Noted IT analysts Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) evaluated the Illusive Platform with a focus on validating its ability to simply and efficiently preempt attacks before they occur at scale, protect against attacker movement inside the perimeter, and respond to incidents with fast data-driven decisions, regardless of where assets are located or attacks originated.

In this webinar, ESG shares the findings of its research on the Illusive Platform’s combination of attack pathway discovery and elimination, highly-authentic deception, and rich, real-time forensics, and explains why Illusive is uniquely suited to identify threats in this unprecedented time. Illusive's Nir Greenberg then presents some recent customer success stories.

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Our speakers:

JON OLTSIK, Senior Principal Analyst & ESG Fellow at Enterprise Strategy Group

TONY PALMER, ESG Lab Senior Engineer at Enterprise Strategy Group

NIR GREENBERG, Senior Director Field Engineering & Customer Success at Illusive Networks