Deception to Protect Legacy and "Untouchable" Systems

When "Crown Jewels" Can't Be Secured: Preventing Attacker Access to Legacy and other "Untouchable" Systems

Every organization has systems that can’t be secured well enough - perhaps because they can’t be patched in a timely manner, can’t provide data for monitoring, or aren’t compatible with standard security tools. Yet cyberattackers are adept at finding weak links to these “untouchable” systems left exposed. When unsecurable systems, whether new or older legacy systems, support mission-critical processes or hold valuable data, defense gaps create dangerous potential for sabotage, espionage, and data theft.

In this paper you’ll find insights on:

  • Why stopping malicious lateral movement is essential for protecting mission-critical applications
  • How you can form a protective web around unsecurable systems—instead of modifying the systems themselves
  • How to incorporate a strategic approach that eliminates high-risk paths to critical assets and detects attackers by forcing them to make errors

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Don’t leave mission-critical systems exposed. This is a quick read that will share insights on how to best close security gaps so that, compensating for constraints and limitations, organizations can protect their essential assets.

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