Deception: The Next Step In Cyber Defense

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Deception continues to gain momentum and wide adoption within some of the world's largest organizations, across industries and is being leveraged in various cybersecurity use cases including insider threat defense, securing cloud assets, increasing investigation accuracy and speed, and more.

View the webcast to learn more about:

  • How deception is being used - for detecting threats, misdirecting adversaries, learning attacker behavior, preventing lateral movement, and more
  • How Illusive's ability to shrink the attack surface is critical to an effective deception strategy
  • The real-time, detail-rich source forensics that can be collected from the endpoint where the attacker has interacted with the deceptive data to dramatically speed up response
  • How deception differs from behavioral approaches to threat detection, and what makes it such an effective strategy for early detection of in-network threats


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