Tipping Cybersecurity Scales in Favor of Law Firms – Where to Begin

An Illusive White Paper

Law firms have access to confidential, high-value information, making them a prime target for cybercriminals. Despite their best efforts to ward adversaries off, law firms continue to face increasingly advanced, vicious and targeted attacks that have raised the cybersecurity stakes and put cyber risk center stage at the managing partnership level.

Traditional protection platforms are not enough. Attackers easily breach perimeter defenses and establish residency within a firm’s networks, gradually moving laterally towards critical assets.

Download this White Paper to learn:

  • The key challenges of detecting hidden malicious lateral movement inside a network
  • A strategy to block attacker movement toward critical systems
  • How next-generation deception can reduce the impact of cyberattacks aimed at sensitive client data & financial assets
  • How Illusive enables early threat detection and accelerated incident response