Cyber Risk on the Front Lines of Pharma

To Combat Attacks, Drug and Life Sciences Companies Must Combat Lateral Threat Movement on Their Networks

Illusive Networks Whitepaper

Pharmaceutical firms and other healthcare organizations remain top targets for cyber criminals. In fact, some evidence suggests that the industry is even more targeted in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the development of vaccines and treatments. 

The way such cyberattacks are publicized, they often seem to have occurred quite quickly. But the fact is that 70% of successful attacks involve lateral movement within the network by adversaries —often for weeks or months. Once attackers are inside an organization’s network undetected, perimeter defenses are useless.

This Illusive whitepaper provides insight on some of the primary cybersecurity challenges and threats facing pharma and healthcare companies, including targeted ransomware, insider threats, and difficult-to-secure OT, IoT and IoMT devices.

Download the whitepaper to learn how to fight back by:

  • Shrinking the attack surface through automated discovery and elimination of exploitable credentials and pathways
  • Detecting early malicious lateral movement through deterministic, endpoint-based deception
  • Leveraging source-based forensics on demand, contextual data needed to accelerate and respond quickly