Cyber Insurance 101

The Ins and Outs of Coverage



You don’t need a long report to tell you that cyber crime is on the rise. You’ve seen the news—brands such as JPMorgan Chase, Anthem and LastPass have all fallen victim to data breaches.

The growing need for cyber insurance is undeniable, yet the landscape is currently operating without standards, mostly due to the high number of unknowns regarding cyber risks. 

As a result, understanding how cyber insurance can help mitigate the costs for your company, if a cyber attack occurs, is quickly emerging as a best practice. 

Download the Cyber Insurance 101 white paper to learn about:

  • What to Consider When Purchasing a Cyber Insurance Plan

  • Cyber Insurance Coverage: What Is (and Isn't) Covered

  • How Much Will the Coverage You Need Cost?

  • Stepping Up Cyber Security Efforts and Preparing for Disaster