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Commercial UK Bank Deploys In-Depth Protection Against Sophisticated Threat Actors

Commercial UK bank increased security team efficiency by using our agentless, undetectable deception technology, Illusive Shadow™ to deploy high-fidelity alerts, and gain detailed actionable forensic information against sophisticated threat actors.

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Bank MA Safely

Illusive provides exceptional, innovative coverage for malicious pivoting and lateral movement. It uncovers the in-depth, sophisticated actors who evade other countermeasures and gives us direct visibility into targeted attacks. That's invaluable.

— Chief Information Security Officer, Commercial UK Bank

The Challenge

  • Defend customer and employee information and bank assets from compromise
  • Detect and thwart sophisticated attackers who evade other security measures
  • Effectively defend cloud-based operations across accounts and instances

The Solution

  • Illusive Shadow™

The Results

  • Gained deep visibility and end-to-end defense across office-based and AWS-based assets
  • Increased security team efficiency with high-fidelity alerts and detailed, actionable forensic information
  • Developed and revised policies to ensure that proper controls were in place for all critical assets