CISOs on Ransomware, Malicious Insider Threats and What to do About Them

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In 2020, targeted ransomware threats reached an all-time high while security teams needed to focus on keeping the lights on. Nation-state attackers, criminal gangs and malicious insiders hid new attacks in a mushrooming pile of alerts triggered by baselines that no longer applied.

In this webcast, Illusive Networks CEO Ofer Israeli hosts the CISOs of the biggest law firm in the world by revenue, a top U.S. mortgage lender, and one of the largest global developers and suppliers of sustainable natural ingredients - to discuss how they protected their businesses in a year like no other, and what they are doing to prepare for whatever unforeseen security challenges might be on the horizon.

View the Webcast on:

  • The rise of targeted ransomware attacks and the difficulties in stopping them
  • How the shift to working from home impacted the increase in malicious insider threats
  • Which factors have caused a significant change in anomaly-based detection efficacy
  • Strategies for an active defense
  • Predictions for 2021 and which security adaptations made in 2020 will stand the test of time


ARLAN MCMILLAN, Chief Security Officer at Kirkland & Ellis LLP

KARL MATTSON, Chief Information Security Officer of PennyMac

COOPER WILS0N, Director of Global Cyber Security at Darling Ingredients

OFER ISRAELI, CEO and Founder of Illusive Networks