Case Study | U.S. State Department of Revenue Shuts Down Attacker Movement

An Illusive Customer Case Study

Illusive identifies security risks other tools missed to prevent a potential data breach

The Challenge
  • Protect confidential citizen and
    business data from breaches
  • Detect and stop in-network
    attacks from threat actors who
    slipped through the perimeter
  • Reduce alert fatigue on IT and
    forensic teams
The Solution
  • Illusive Networks Attack Detection System
The Results
  • Gained confidence in ability to
    safeguard data from in-network
  • Decreased threat response
    time with detailed forensics
    that removed multi-step
    guesswork previously needed to
    define nature of attack
  • Hardened internal security
    from attacker east-west

“Illusive is the only product we have that truly, if it raises
its hand about something, you need to go look at it.”

 —Information Security Manager

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