Data Breach Costs:

The Factors Your Company

May Be Overlooking



Despite the high average total cost of a data breach ($3.79 million in 2015), companies maintain an invincibility complex, thinking they will never be the target of sophisticated cyber attacks.

While a data breach of just average magnitude could be enough to cripple numerous companies, there are still organizations failing to take the necessary cyber security precautions. 

In an age of increasingly dangerous attackers, companies of all sizes must better understand the consequences of a breach on their revenue and reputation. 

Download the Calculating Data Breach Costs guide to learn about:

  • Direct & indirect costs of lost business (e.g. customer churn and reputation)

  • Calculating the costs of detection and escalation for data breach recovery 

  • The ins-and-outs and costs related to notifying customers post-breach 

  • How to reduce your costs per capita in the case of a data breach