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Breaking Banks

Ransomware Big Game Hunting in Financial Services and Fintech

Financial Services companies experienced 238% spike in attacks between February and April of 2020. Targeted ransomware and nation-state attacks have been particularly damaging due to the increase in sophistication of APT methods and the large payouts of extortion.

Financial services now have the 2nd highest number of ransomware-related breaches across all industries targeted in 2019-2020. This paper examines the evolution of ransomware and the tangible steps to overcome these cybersecurity challenges with the utilization of Active Defense protocols.

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  • How ransomware crime syndicates target the financial services and fintech industries
  • Targeted ransomware tactics, techniques, and procedures
  • How a deception strategy, as described in MITRE Shield techniques, is effective for the earliest and most deterministic detection of lateral movement so attackers can be identified before droppers are placed, and files encrypted and leaked