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on demand webinar

Big Game Ransomware

The evolution of ransomware in the enterprise and how to mitigate the risk

Cybercrime generated revenue yields $1.5T for transactional crime syndicates. This webinar presents the rise of a new threat, targeted ransomware. This new type of cybercrime is created specifically and fine-tuned for the “target”, and is increasingly using “lock and leak” as a tactic to try and increase the number of payouts. Watch this on demand webinar to learn how Active Defense is critical to stopping this new breed of attack.

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You will learn about:

  • A board-level perspective from Templar Executives on the increasing threat and sophistication of ransomware attacks on the enterprise and their implications
  • The frequent attack flow, requiring lateral movement once a beachhead has been established
  • How ransomware attackers exploit risky credentials and connectivity - and how you can use that against them
  • The value of Illusive’s attack surface reduction and deception-based Active Defense
  • How this maps to the MITRE ATT&CK and SHIELD frameworks, and how to establish a dynamic cyber resilience strategy for your organization

Featured Speakers

Robert Golladay

Robert Golladay

Director, Strategic Accounts, Europe and APAC, Illusive

Timothy Nursall

Timothy Nursall

Sales Engineering Lead Northern Europe, Illusive


Andrew Fitzmaurice

CEO, Templar Executives