International Bank Stops Cyber Attackers in Their Tracks

An Illusive Customer Case Study

Illusive deceptions deliver immediate alerts and forensic data to stop APTs quickly

The Challenge

  • Improve threat detection
  • Prevent APTs from damaging the bank’s systems, assets, and reputation
  • Gain better insight into attacks and attacker methods

The Solution

The Illusive Networks Platform

The Results

  • Gained advanced threat detection capabilities across entire infrastructure
  • Received immediate alerts to attacker activity with low rate of false positives
  • Accelerated investigation and resolution
  • Deployed solution quickly, without software agents or disruption


“We like the fact that Illusive enables us to place deceptions everywhere that we want to place them. We can significantly impede an attacker’s progress and gain more time to analyze and take appropriate action, no matter where in the network the attacker initially lands.”

— Security Projects Team Leader